Why Testers Love qTest

The qTest platform is designed with today's testing in mind. Demands on testers are high and the pace of releases is faster than ever. Our dedication to innovation has produced a testing platform that spans testing methodologies, giving you the greatest degree of flexibility in your testing strategy. The qTest platform provides complete test management for both scripted and unscripted testing, seamlessly offering you the benefits of both approaches. Work smarter, test faster, and collaborate with your development team more effectively, all with qTest.


  • Auto-sync requirements, test cases and defects.
  • Import test cases from existing Excel spreadsheets or test management tools.
  • Auto-sync defects with defect management tools.
  • Create test steps with hot keys.


  • Re-use test cases across multiple releases, customer environments, or testing configurations.
  • Auto-sync projects' schedules management tools.
  • Re-use test suites, test runs, environments, testers, releases, and testing types across multiple releases.


  • View test steps without leaving the target test application.
  • Mark results, update test cases, and create defects without leaving the target test.
  • Track execution results, update test cases, and load subsequent test cases without leaving the target application.


  • Complete traceability.
  • Control and track who modifies test cases.
  • Keep track of changes made to requirements.
  • Assign testers and environments for each individual test run or for an entire test suite.


  • Track item workflows and defects across their lifecycles.
  • Filter, track and review execution session by test result status, test type or defects.
  • View the real-time status of the test cycle, statistical data on test results, and associated trends.


  • Assign tasks when creating test cases, composing requirements, or executing test runs.
  • Specify due dates and define outputs for each task.
  • Set up project resources and milestones.
  • Obtain insight on projects' quality, progress and productivity.

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