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Hear how our clients benefit from QASymphony

Ben Sommer - Director of Customer Solutions of Deposco

Ben Sommer

Director of Customer Solutions of Deposco
Deposco management gains visibility into testing success through qTest reporting.
David Hardwick - CTO of BetterCloud

David Hardwick

CTO of BetterCloud
qTest provides BetterCloud a clear picture into testing coverage for regression and session based testing.
Sellers Smith - Director of Quality Assurance of Silverpop

Sellers Smith

Director of Quality Assurance of Silverpop
Silverpop benefits from the increased speed and ease of managing regression suites that the qTest platform provides.

QASymphony gives you more control over your software quality

Built in

QASymphony makes testing faster and smarter, making you more efficient.

Quickly plan and organize your testing activities.

Automatically capture rich testing information for exploratory or scripted tests.

Create test cases on the fly from explorations in your application under test.


More Options
More Flexibility

Ease concerns over progressing to the latest testing techniques.

On-demand and On-premise versions allow you to choose the best fit for your organization.

Learn new features while exploring the application then turn those explorations into test scripts for later re-execution.

Give your team the option to perform true exploratory testing on mobile devices.

Manage and execute test cases from anywhere, anytime on any system.


Visibility Brings

Make quicker, better informed decisions with seamless, drill-down visibility to all testing.

View results of your automated, exploratory and manual testing in a single location.

Collaborate and track testing progress and updates with testers around the world in real-time.

Increase efficiency of your testing team by giving visibility of requirements and defects from JIRA in qTest.



Provide a platform to take your testing to the next level, regardless of the current tools you have in place.

Fast and flexible configuration supports any JIRA implementations.

Boost JIRA with powerful testing features of qTest and create a complete ALM solution.

Support automated testing leveraging the TestNG platform for Selenium and JUnit.

Rich set of APIs that allows you to create integrations between qTest and your existing toolset.