How to Install and Run a Mobile Explorer Session

Mobile apps testing with qTest Explorer.

Learn how to install and run qTest Explorer for mobile apps testing.

Mobile eXplorer is an SDK package that lives in your mobile application. There are four simple steps before a tester can use the agent. First, download the mobile agent, then add the agent to your developer project or IDE, enable the agent on your app, and lastly build and release the app for the users to test. For technical guides and walk through, please visit and navigate to the qTest Explorer section where you can click on the mobile install guides for either IOS or android.

In this example, I am using the mobile agent to test the iFixit app on my iPhone. after logging in using qTest credentials, I can select from my assigned projects and then choose to run a plan session or create a new session to record my test. While testing, the agent will record all taps, finger swipes, screen collections, and data inputs on the application. At any time I can pause and start annotating and logging issues directly on the mobile device.

Here I am logging a bug of missing information on the application. Once complete, I can stop and push all screen captures, notes, and steps over in to the session manager where I can make more edits by clicking on the review button. In the web editor, I can continue to annotate additional screens to create test cases or use them to create defective q-tests or push them into external issue trackers.

In this example, I am choosing which screens to push directly into JIRA, where a developer can see all of the screen captures related to the bug found and start working on a resolution. Your developers, BAs, and fellow testers now have an easy to follow step-by-step guide of your entire mobile test sessions.

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