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Easily track, manage, organize and report on software testing and test case management efforts.


Use qTest’s intuitive interface to set up projects and manage requirements.

  • Automatically sync project requirements structures with test case structures
  • Link requirements to test cases and defects for complete traceability
  • Create, baseline and modify requirements with proper version control
  • Visualize testing progress with our custom dashboard

Test Cases

Create, organize and manage test cases simply and efficiently.

  • Centrally store and manage test cases from all of your manual, exploratory, automated and ad-hoc testing efforts
  • Easily import test cases from Excel or other test management software
  • Create multiple versions of test cases for easy reuse
  • Share test case repositories across projects, releases and sprints
  • Call commonly used test cases at the step level


Execute tests and track your defects.

  • Eliminate manual documentation of defects and bugs
  • Create a detailed traceability matrix of requirement and test case links
  • Customize queries to locate and resolve defects
  • Track and manage team workflows across the development lifecycle


Get testing data that provides actionable insights.

  • Get real-time interactive reports that let you drill into details
  • Use pre-built reports or customize your own
  • Track quality, progress and productivity for every project
  • Export any report directly to Excel

Test Execution

A better way to execute test runs.

  • Build out and re-use execution suites
  • Kick off automation test runs
  • Capture detailed execution histories
  • Generate test run-specific configurations

Why Testers Love qTest

qTest makes every step of the test case management process simpler and more effective for individual testers and the team as a whole — from start to finish.

  • Increased Productivity

    Save time with automatic linking across requirements, test cases, results and defects.

  • Improved Collaboration

    Centralize efforts in one place and share instant notifications and comments across teams.

  • Seamless Integration

    Robust real-time integration with your instances of JIRA, Rally and VersionOne.

  • Project Planning

    Plan and organize testing activities based on project schedules.

  • Scalability & Reliability

    Deploy qTest in the cloud or on-premise for any company size.

  • Easy Ramp-up

    Get your team up-and-running quickly with our intuitive interface and customer success team.

qTest Plays Well with Others

qTest offers best-in-class integrations with JIRA, Rally and VersionOne, as well as rich APIs that let you to connect qTest to popular automation tools.

"We worked with more expensive tools. Then QASymphony showed us qTest. It was exactly what we needed."
— David Hardwick, Chief Technology Officer at BetterCloud
"We’re 75% to 100% more effective than we were a year ago."
— Adam Wollacott, QA Lead at CloudLock
"qTest gives me the sense that I know exactly what’s going on in the project. All the detailed information is there, relevant andunder my full control."
— Ursula Wlodarczyk, QA and UI Developer at Typecast
"We evaluated a lot of other testing platforms out there and found qTest to be the best and by far the most intuitive… we’ve improved efficiency by at least 50% since implementing qTest."
— Jesse Reynosa, Senior Quality Engineer at Zappos
"Once people use qTest eXplorer, they love it and they don’t want to go back."
— Neale Hightower, Senior Manager of Quality Assurance at Silverpop

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