Truc Nguyen

Director of Engineering, Vietnam


Truc is the Director of Engineering and oversees the day-to-day management of the development and customer success operations in Vietnam. With 10+ years of experience in Quality Assurance and Agile Product Development, she is dedicated to delivering high-quality software that satisfies the needs of QASymphony customers.

Truc was QA Manager of FPT Software and FPT Online-the leading technology corporation in Vietnam-where she gained experience in software testing and development, learning many lessons on dealing with a thousand-member project in a multi-region working model. Bringing her knowledge of testing and the software development lifecycle to QASymphony in 2011, Truc joined the qTest product development project as one of the first members of QASymphony. She has been integral in growing qTest from an incubation project into a leading agile testing platform.

Truc lives in Ho Chi Minh city and spends most of her spare time traveling with her family.

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