Don't Let "Sunk Costs" Prevent Testing Transformation

Has your organization put off QA transformation in the move to agile and DevOps methods? Are you hesitating to switch to a modern platform because you’ve already paid for maintenance on your legacy system? If you’re a current Micro Focus Quality Center (HPQC) customer, we’ll help offset your remaining maintenance costs when you switch to Tricentis qTest in 2019 — the most modern test management platform built for agile teams.

How it works:

  • Must be current Micro Focus Quality Center customer who switches to Tricentis qTest
  • Receive 33% off annual qTest costs to offset Quality Center maintenance costs

Leading enterprises are leaving legacy testing solutions behind because they lack critical integration capabilities, offer a subpar user experience, and fail to support modern development workflows. Switch to Tricentis qTest to gain visibility across projects, tools and teams, test new code as it is written, and accelerate the delivery of high quality software. Don’t let maintenance costs associated with your legacy solution prevent you from modernizing testing to accelerate digital transformation. 

This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts and is subject to the following conditions: 1) requires minimum initial term of 50 concurrent licenses or 100 named seats; 2) requires minimum initial term of three (3) years; 3) the applicable subscription fee to be paid in advance and is non-refundable; 4) the applicable discount from the applicable list price cannot exceed the greater of 33% or $500,000 5) the Tricentis qTest contract must be executed within 2019