The Missing Piece in Test Automation

As software release cycles continue to accelerate, QA and development teams face increasing pressure to test faster without compromising quality. QA shouldn’t be what holds you back from faster time to market, it should be a strategic enabler of both speed and quality. Test automation can help you get there, but building an automated test strategy is a complex process that requires significant expertise and planning.

  • Maintain control over hundreds or thousands of tests that are being run across multiple tools and frameworks

  • Align with the development team to ensure testing occurs as soon as new code is written

  • Convert manual test cases to automated test scripts in a streamlined way

  • Maintain visibility across tools and frameworks to accurately assess automation coverage

Centralize Automated Test Execution

Scale test automation with a single interface for scheduling and running automated tests across frameworks and tools, configuring test machines and reporting on all scheduled tests.

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Write Automated Test Scripts Sooner

Enable a test-first approach by facilitating BDD test scenario creation, integrated directly into private source code repositories, and ensure feature traceability from Jira directly to the source code.

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Automate Test Creation

Maximize the value of exploratory and session-based testing by recording them, identifying which tests are good candidates for automation, and converting those into automated test scripts.

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Gain Insights Into Test Automation

qTest Insights tracks automated tests across tools and frameworks so you can identify test automation trends, identify additional opportunities to automate more, and continually optimize your automation strategy.

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