Elevate QA’s Role with Insights Into Application Quality

Visibility is critical to the success of any QA team. Maintaining visibility helps you identify problems faster, communicate with developers and product owners to quickly resolve them, and maintain an accurate picture of the health of your applications. In a nutshell, visibility makes QA teams more effective.

  • Centrally track and manage all testing activities, including automated tests occurring across a variety of tools and frameworks

  • Ensure transparency with development teams so they are alerted to problems that testing uncovers and can quickly take action

  • Communicate testing findings and results with business leaders

  • Accurately assess application quality and identify areas for improvement

Simplified Reporting

Maintain an accurate picture of the health of your applications and identify opportunities for improvement. Leverage 30+ out-of-the-box reports, which you can quickly and easily customize, or create your own.

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Executive-level Summaries

Create multiple dashboards for different projects or teams, including high-level overviews of overall application health and quality, to keep executives up-to-date on what matters most to them.

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Cross-team, Cross-tool Visibility

Integrate with developer tools like Jira to keep developers and product owners up-to-date, and automatically notify them of bugs, test coverage status and more.

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