Seamlessly Integrate Strategic Quality with Your Developer Toolchain

Whether you are continuously integrating testing every day, hour or minute in your development cycles, quality must be connected with development.

  • Adopt leading agile project management solutions for

  • Continuously integrate tests with code changes through CI tools

  • Tie in all facets of unit, integration, functional, performance, and usability testing into release pipelines

Integrate QA Processes Seamlessly with Jira & other ALMs

qTest is a robust Jira test management tool that deeply integrates at both the requirements and defect levels — enabling you to plan, track, test and work smarter and faster than ever before.

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Integrate Testing with CI Tools

Unify unit, integration, and functional tests by connecting testers with the laster results from continuous integration.  qTest Manager allows for out-of-the-box integration with both Bamboo and Jenkins to collect executed unit test results, allowing testers to analyze results by build, all from a single location.

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Optimize Regression Test Automation

The more tests you need to execute, the more time it takes to release into production — especially if all testing is done manually.  Optimize your test cycles but automating your repetitive test cases and focus on curating the proper mix of automated, exploratory, and manual testing.

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Scale Test Automation to Enable Continuous Delivery

qTest integrates with a wide variety of test automation tools and provides a central location for scheduling, kicking off and analyzing results of automated tests, enabling organizations to scale test automation and ensure testing fits into continuous delivery processes.

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