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qTest Scenario is Jira add-on for enterprise teams practicing Behavior-Driven Development. When integrated with the qTest platform, qTest Scenario enables a test-first approach by facilitating test scenario creation and ensuring feature traceability to Jira issues.

  • Source Code Traceability

    qTest Scenario directly stores all feature files into private Git repositories like GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket to standardize feature files and scenario steps as code.

  • BDD for Jira

    Unify testers, developers and product owners to create, update, edit and link feature files directly on the Jira interface to any issue type.

  • Supercharged Collaboration

    With qTest Scenario’s autocomplete, BDD teams can better reuse previously implemented Cucumber steps or outlines to streamline feature and scenario creation.

Enterprise Reporting for BDD

The qTest platform includes enterprise-level reporting, with customizable executive level dashboards. View coverage reports on the latest execution results from your automated test scenarios.

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Full Traceability to Jira Issues

Feel confident about test coverage related to Jira issues with qTest Scenario’s step execution reporting. Test run results are linked directly to Jira issues for instant test coverage reporting so that stakeholders in Jira always know the progress of feature development.

Alignment Through Source Code

Keep developers, testers and product owners up-to-date with the latest source code changes. qTest Scenario connects source code repositories with Jira and makes two-way real-time updates, so feature files are always in sync with the latest source code commits and versioned with automated step definitions.

A useful and convenient test case management solution

The interface is clean and attractive. qTest allows you to filter test items by multiple columns using drop down menus, making it easy to find the exact items you need…

Kenneth A.,

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qTest Scenario Support

Choose to walk through our user guide, watch some educational videos, or download the data sheet for qTest Scenario Enterprise Edition.

  • User Guide

    Learn the ins and outs of using qTest Scenario.

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  • Data Sheet

    View and download the qTest Scenario data sheet to take it on the go.

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