Automating Communication & Collaboration

qTest Pulse is an advanced rules engine that helps agile teams communicate faster and collaborate more across all Tricentis qTest products by automating tool communication within a DevOps pipeline.

  • Flexible Rule Sets

    Drag and drop rules to orchestrate common events across tools like Jira, Jenkins and GitHub via webhooks

  • Extremely Extensible

    Use pre-set rules or code your own to trigger data and communication updates across a wide range of tools

  • Workflow Standardization

    Enforce best practices by designing workflows to require certain events before progressing to the next delivery stage

How it Works

With qTest Pulse, create and store custom rules to automatically update tools across your delivery pipeline when certain actions occur.

Orchestrate DevOps Events

Sometimes testers communicate a defect description correctly, but it still takes too long to get the defect resolved. While developers might orchestrate an automated build job, they may not have communicated the results to everyone involved with product, dev and QA, causing unnecessary delays.

Prevent communication breakdowns by automating updates across agile teams. With qTest Pulse, set custom rules to remove bottlenecks and keep projects on schedule.

Use Case

Take a look at how qTest Pulse rules trigger updates across Jenkins, Slack, qTest Manager and Jira for rapid communication.

Limitless Integration Possibilities

qTest Pulse can orchestrate those common, frequently executed events across any tool with a webhook in your software delivery pipeline. Here are just some the ways to use qTest Pulse.

  • Slack

    When a test fails, send a Slack message to notify the owner of the initial requirement.

  • qTest Manager

    When all tests pass in a sprint, notify the product lead that features are ready for production.

  • Jenkins

    Triggers a Jenkins build job using the webhook API.

  • Selenium

    Format test execution results from raw .xml (JUnit style) and send them to qTest Manager.

  • Jira Software

    When a test fails 7 times in a row, automatically create a Jira Bug.

  • Cucumber

    Format test results from raw Cucumber Java .json and send them to qTest Manager.

qTest Pulse Support

See our user guide, watch some educational videos, or watch the qTest Pulse webinar.

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