Remove Redundancy, Test More

Stop missing your testing deadlines by using qTest Manager's simple and elegant interface.

Customize Test Runs with qTest Manager
  • Drag and Drop Interface

    Tree structure view allows for effortless movement of artifacts from folder to folder and copying to other projects.

  • Test Grid Analysis

    Analyze test run result data in a clean execution grid format to view actionable insights such as who ran the test and what configurations were used.

  • Test Run Assignments

    Quickly filter and assign test runs to team members to start completing test assignments.

Clone Entire Projects for Instant Templates

If your team had done a lot of customization in one project, or needs to start fresh while using its current project setup, then qTest’s project cloning feature is a must have for your team. 

Clone entire test case repositories, along project setting such as: user management, custom field settings, email notifications and more.

Customize & Standardize Projects

qTest Manager fits your testing process, not the other way around.

Customize field types and values to increase testing productivity with qTest Manager
  • Custom Fields and Values

    Use custom fields to make qTest fit your business processes.

  • Preview Changes

    Preview all changes before you push them live to your testers.

  • Standardize Through Customization

    Control what needs to be filled out by manipulating system values and making fields mandatory.

Recover Deleted Data in a Flash

Accidentally deleting data is a common occurrence and It happens to the best of us.

Have no fear, with qTest’s recycling bin you can restore your data instantly without needing to contact a database administrator.  No more freak outs from data loss.  

Event Driven Notifications

Notifications are key to alerting testers when they need to take action, but hundreds of email alerts can be an annoyance.

Customize email templates and rules of notifying to produce the right balance of alerts during your testing cycles.

qTest Site Administration

Customize your entire qTest instance to increase standardization across project teams.

  • Data Format

    qTest supports most world date formats, whether you teams are in the United Kingdom, India, Australia or United States of America.

  • Custom User Profiles

    User profiles can be granted different levels of access.  This helps with making sure testers and stakeholders have the correct access they need.

  • LDAP and SSO

    User management can be tied directly with your company’s LDAP and SSO.

Customization for Project Teams

Each project administrator can customize qTest to fit their teams testing needs. qTest allows you to add custom fields, and also, change system values.  

If you need a new Test Run status, qTest will never force you use values that don’t match your test process.

Serious Improvements in Productivity

In a recent survey, 72% of paid qTest customers said that after adopting qTest they have became at least 40% more efficient with their testing.