Stress Free Reporting

qTest Manager takes away the reporting headache by easily producing simple or complex reports.

Metrics and Reporting Dashboards with qTest Insights
  • Out-of-the-Box Reporting

    The most popular testing metrics no longer have to be created and stored in a painstaking manner. Let qTest Manager give you access to the reports your team relies on.

  • Filter and Report

    Access multiple filter options to streamline report creation and delivery to stakeholders.  Show test metrics that are necessary, not mandatory.

  • Share Reports

    Schedule reports to be sent out on a recurring basis to outside stakeholder, or allow read only access to view reports.

Accessing Test Metrics Shouldn’t Be Hard

Fast & comprehensive data query tool to search, sort, and act on every piece of metadata in your test management system.

Search and query for your QA metrics in qTest Manager

QA Metrics On The Fly

Visualize testing progress at each stage of the testing life cycle, know how you're pacing for production release.

Quality Analysis Reporting and Metrics with qTest Insights

Coverage Analysis Reporting and Metrics with qTest Insights

Velocity Analysis Reporting and Metrics with qTest Insights

Ready to Make the Switch from HPQC?

With migration support and easy to use tools, QASymphony makes it easy to switch to qTest. Contact our customer success team to see how simple we make it.

Quality Center

qTest Platform

  • Intuitive UI

    Easy ramp up and intuitive user interface makes it easy to get started with qTest.

  • Seamless Integration

    Robust real-time integration with popular ALMs like Jira, VersionOne, Rally and many more.

  • Enterprise Tested

    Hundreds of Enterprises have made the switch to qTest — try it free and see the benefits.

Traceability Throughout The Testing Cycle

Instant traceability reports that combines testing to requirement coverage, defects created, and number of times each run has been executed.

  • Execution Logs

    With the amount of new feature and regression testing that accumulates, qTest provides an audit trail so managers know each variable during execution.

  • Test Relationships

    qTest does the hard work of connecting test runs with requirements and associated defects so you don’t have to hunt down the data you need.

  • Instant Traceability

    qTest contains multiple, one-click reports filed with requirements, test case, and defect traceability.

Select Criteria, Get Your Test Data

Stop having to rely on complex SQL queries or cumbersome coding efforts.  With qTest Data Query, testers can casually select the data they want displayed for actionable analysis.   

Metrics & Reporting for Improved Visibility

In a recent survey, 93% of paid qTest customers said that qTest has improved visibility into their software testing process.