Clean Up The Clutter

Move your testing team to a test management platform that makes creating, editing and auditing scripts easy.

Centralize and Organize Test Cases in qTest Manager
  • Central Test Case Library

    qTest allows you to organize your automated, manual and exploratory test cases in one location for quick access and reduced redundancy.

  • Logical Organization

    House test cases within parent and sub parent folders to logically show test case categories for execution, such as: new feature, regression and application areas.

  • Test Step Reuse

    Create and version reusable test steps that can be called into common scripts. This allows for single points of maintenance when organizing test scripts.

Intuitive UI for Test Case Organization

All users can easily create, edit and maintain tests through streamlined workflows.

  • Copy, Paste, Drag & Drop

    Expedite your test case organization through a UI experience that makes sense for your test team. Copy and paste test cases across projects to share between test teams.

  • Instant Run History

    Test cases can be reused across multiple releases, environments, configurations and many other variables. Instant run history gives team the entire run history of each execution.

  • Copy Test Steps

    Testers can copy entire test cases between folders, or chose a selection of steps then need to copy and move to common test folders.

Test Case Parameters

Save time and eliminate duplication by designing test cases with re-usable test step data.

Teams can create new test parameters or import existing test data into qTest Manager to share across projects.

Test case designers can easily add parameter variables at the test step level based off selected or random data.

Design Test Cases with Test Data Parameters in qTest Manager

Testers can execute the same base lined test cases with various data inputs during execution.

Centralize Test Cases

Testers need a location where they can store and reuse test cases across multiple platforms, environments and releases.

qTest Manager makes it easy for your teams to organize all efforts in a logical manner so that creating and editing test cases remains an intuitive process.

Great for test case creation and managment

The qTest program is very well designed and very useful right out of the box. It’s ability to link with the JIRA issue tracking software…

Dan W,

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Maintain Test Cases

Reliable test case management that guarantees you always use the right test cases.

Test Design Analytics

Export test case data for a more detailed look at your testing process and coverage.

Test Case Reports

View test case statistics for test design and execution trends

Organize software test cases in test design module with qTest Manager

  • Automatic test case versioning
  • Supports test case edits during test execution and reflects the changes in test design
  • Approval workflow to prevent the use of incorrect/incomplete test cases
  • Notifies testers when new versions have been approved

View test case execution history for each test case version in qTest Manager

  • Select individual test cases or modules to generate reports
  • Save personal and team queries to quickly export to .XLS
  • Customize report settings to include fields of choice
  • Create reports at project, module or test case levels and more

  • Get the audit trail of all test cases creations and approvals in a consolidated report 
  • Test case summary report – detailed data of all test cases at the report run time
  • Download reports in PDF, CSV or XLS formats
  • View reports in both chart and data grid formats

Simple Excel Import

When migrating from another test case management solution or from using excel, qTest comes with a rapid importer so you can get started with minimal down time.

Import into standard qTest fields, or migrate your custom field data into our system without losing time.

Imported our spreadsheets and we were good to go

qTest gave us all the key features we wanted and was easy to use. Plus, we just imported our spreadsheets into qTest and we were good to go.

Jesse R

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Control and Share Your Test Cases

Share your test cases with other team members across projects while also maintaining version control.

  • Share Test Cases

    Share test cases with other project teams while keeping the version control within one project. This helps with duplicated test cases and single points of maintenance.

  • Version Control

    Always know what test case version failed through our systemic version control. Track what versions were executed and who approved each version.

  • Step Attachments

    Guide testers with attachments at the test case and test step level for better communication.

40% Faster When You Centralize & Organize

In a recent survey, 66% of paid qTest customers said that after adopting qTest they increased speed of testing by at least 40%.