Actionable, Real-Time Test Metrics with qTest Insights

Visualize and act on the data you need for a faster time to market.

  • Elevate Strategic Quality

    Reporting and visibility into QA activities can be tough, especially with increased test cycle times. We’ve built Insights to come with executive level dashboards and charts tailored to what executives want to know.

  • Integrated Quality Metrics

    Often tools in your agile and DevOps processes are disconnected which make reporting difficult.  However, Insights can report from a wide variety CI, test automation, and ALM tools integrated with the qTest Platform.

  • Release With Confidence

    Stop running around gathering and then struggling to understand the progress of your test cycles.  Leverage qTest Insight’s intuitive dashboards and charts for release confidence.

Custom Dashboards

  • Create cross project reporting with actionable test metrics
  • Arrange and display charts and graphs exactly the way you want them for your project and executive teams.
  • Tabs let you create multiple dashboards from different projects or teams.


Visual Heat Maps

Visualize your data with interactive heat maps.

  • Quickly identify where issues are in the application
  • Interactively sort and filter your data by object type and severity
  • Drill down into each section to get more test metrics that can drive a faster time to market


Interactive Charts

  • Hover over charts to view specific test metrics
  • Zoom in and dynamically adjust the charts
  • Click on a chart to view and download the data


Enterprise Dashboard Reporting

Having a common set of reports across your test teams can be a challenge.

Remove the headache of having multiple reports in various locations with qTest Insights shared dashboards.  Your teams can create common dashboard reports that can be utilized by team leads, managers and directors across multiple projects.

Get The Exclusive Guide

Our free 14-page guide highlights the essential software testing metrics for data-driven decision making, along with:

  • Common technology and behavioral challenges teams need to overcome to make sense of QA metrics
  • Three steps to modernize your approach to reporting with an automation-driven toolset
  • Top tips on where to focus your reporting efforts and how to get the most out of your metrics in those areas

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Build Your Own Reports

In addition to the pre-built report templates, qTest Insights gives you the ability to build various test metrics reports, exactly the way you want them displayed. Create pie charts, bar graphs, scatter plots and much more.

Build your own reports with qTest Insights

Better Analytics, Better Analysis

The need to create and maintain software quality reports consistently proves to be a large overhead for development organizations.

Stop wasting valuable test time creating and maintaining primitive reports.  qTest Insights comes standard with quality, coverage, and velocity analysis to make report development easier while providing better analytics for overall visibility.

More Reasons to Love qTest Insights

qTest Insights is an easy-to-use, one-stop tool for visualizing the health and quality of your software.

  • Increased Accuracy

    Leave manual mistakes behind since qTest Insights is based on actual data from each test.

  • Actionable Insights

    Quickly see what’s working and what’s not so you can address issues fast.

  • Less Confusion

    Leave less open for interpretation thanks to visual mapping of all elements.

  • Sharable Reporting

    Convert your custom reports into PDF, CSV and XLS files to share with your team and key stakeholders.

  • Easy Integration

    Links directly from qTest Insights to the defect ticket in your ALM.

  • Real-time

    See results as they happen, showing a clearer picture of health.

"qTest Insights is a game changer for my team. Not only does it provide real insights into the health of our applications, it also allows us to quickly solve issues when they occur."

— Abdul Khan, Senior Director eCommerce Delivery at Office Depot.

qTest Insights Support

Choose to walk through our user guide, watch some educational videos, or download the data sheet for qTest Insights.

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    Learn the ins and outs of using qTest Insights.

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  • Data Sheet

    View and download the qTest Insights data sheet to take it on the go.

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Let qTest Insights Solve Your Test Metrics Problem

Test Metrics for the Team and Enterprise

We want to empower managers, team leads and executives with actionable views into their testing pipeline.  This pipeline could involve a complex arrangement of CI, exploratory, session based, traditional manual, and automated functional testing.

With all these different types of testing, qTest Insights will be the harness to bring all these results into actionable views for pipeline analysis.

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