Test Faster, Report Bugs, and Automate Test Execution

Do more testing, automation scripting, and bug reporting with the most sophisticated exploratory testing tool for agile software development.

  • Save Execution Time

    Documenting test results is time consuming process.  Whether you need  documentation for every test step or a detailed bug report, let qTest Explorer automatically document your results while you focus on testing.

  • Detailed Bug Reporting

    Inform your developers with high impact screen captures, environment details, and steps to reproduce that can be shared with popular agile ALMs like Jira, VersionOne, Rally and more.

  • Accelerate Test Automation

    Reduce the test automation bottleneck. qTest Explorer’s intelligent capturing engine allows testers to instantly turn a test session into an automated Selenium or Protractor test script.

Test Documentation Has Never Been Easier

Focus on your testing, while qTest Explorer automatically takes care of all documentation in the background.

Streamlines test documentation with qTest Explorer

Automate Documentation and Test Script Generation

Save time by auto capturing your manual, session-based & exploratory testing. qTest Explorer automatically records all test execution environment data and user interactions on desktop and web applications.

Record Test Sessions

Intelligent capture technology tracks all interactions from the testing session and automates defect documentation.

  • Records in browsers and desktop applications
  • Captures full screen, select screens and active / scrolling windows along with the user interactions with the application
  • Automatically creates detailed documentation that can be stored and shared

Annotate and Log Notes

It’s easy to manage recorded sessions with our editor, which lets you annotate, delete and edit from a single interface.

  • Modify what’s included or excluded in defect documentation
  • Edit and delete individual screens
  • Add arrows, notes and even blur out sections
  • Automatically includes environmental info such as OS, browser ADO version, CPU and RAM
  • Easily edit test step information related to screen captures

Share with the Team

Share detailed defects with other team members quickly and easily via tickets or documents.

  • Create new issues and bugs in Jira, Rally and VersionOne with a single click
  • Export defects to Word, PDF or JPEG files
  • Email defects straight from qTest Explorer
  • Convert session steps into manual test cases in one click
  • Review all test sessions within the qTest platform

Accelerate Test Automation

Instantly create test automation scripts and plug them into your automation framework.

  • Supported Selenium and Protractor frame works
  • Export automation scripts from central location
  • Create your own framework plugin for Selenium automation
  • Review all test scripts within in the qTest platform

Streamlined Test Automation

With a simple click, you can turn you test session into an automated Selenium script

Instant Test Automation With qTest Explorer

Central Repository for Test Automation Scripts

Manage and organize your Selenium or Protractor scripts within the qTest platform

  • Analyze Scripts

    Analyze each automation script through the newly re-designed qTest Sessions UI.

  • Edit Scripts

    Decide which targets and values you want to use with each command.

  • Generate Scripts

    Quickly download or copy your Selenium and Protractor scripts into your automation projects.

The qTest Explorer automated script generator will allow American Equity to quickly turn our business processes into automated scripts. Its ability to quickly incorporate new testing technologies will allow our automation team to better adapt the changing needs of our organization.

— Aaron M. Mann, Quality Assurance Senior Automation Engineer at American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company

More Than Exploratory Testing

qTest Explorer transforms the way testers document manual and exploratory testing, resulting in huge time savings, increased productivity and more.

  • Save Time

    You do the testing, and we’ll handle the documentation

  • Explore More

    Go deeper into an application than ever before to find defects and bugs

  • Centralize Test Sessions

    Keep all your test documentation in one, centralized location for everyone to access

  • Collaborate Better

    Provide your dev teams with thorough steps to reproduce issues and defects found

  • Streamline Submission

    Submit your session steps directly into Jira, Rally and VersionOne

  • Robust Documentation

    Generate highly detailed reports for auditing, training and compliance

qTest Explorer Support

Choose to walk through our user guide, watch some educational videos, or download the data sheet for qTest Explorer.

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    Learn the ins and outs of using qTest Explorer.

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