• Agile Acceleration

    Utilize qTest’s best-in-class integration with leading enterprise agile planning tools to link Tricentis Tosca test runs with sprint planning.

  • Scriptless Test Design

    Tricentis Tosca’s unique approach to model-based test automation allows anyone to be a test automation engineer.

  • SAP Testing Solution

    Tricentis Tosca is the clear leader for building and maintaining resilient regression testing for complex business process application like SAP.

  • One Click Scheduling

    Out-of-the-box integrations between qTest and Tricentis Tosca make it easy for teams to start running tests and reporting results

One Click Scheduling

qTest’s turnkey integration with Tricentis Tosca makes it easy for agile teams to identify, organize, and schedule their Tosca test runs alongside their open source automation scripts.

CI with Tricentis Tosca

Team testing in CI/CD environments can leverage Tricentis qTest’s Jenkins plugin to run and collect Tosca test results. This allows teams to consistently collect and analyse test results from Tosca executions from a single view.

  • Execute Tricentis Tosca Tests upon Jenkins build actions
  • Automatically collect results from Jenkins freestyle and pipeline projects

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Complete Test Automation for SAP

Tricentis Tosca’s model-based test automation provides rapid test creation, management and execution on all SAP applications.

  • Provides single test solution for all SAP UIs
  • Powers resilient end-to-end tests across SAP technologies

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Get This to Go

See the various ways to integrate Tricentis Tosca with qTest test management.

  • qTest Launch

    Schedule Tricentis Tosca test runs for execution using qTest Launch.

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  • Integration Support

    Learn how to set up the Universal Agent for test runs scheduling from qTest Manager.

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  • Jenkins Integration

    Connect Tricentis Tosca test results with qTest using the Jenkins plugin.

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