qTest for Jira Test Management

qTest is a robust Jira test management tool that deeply integrates at both the requirements and defect levels — enabling you to plan, track, test and work smarter and faster than ever before.

qTest Test Management for Jira Software
  • Requirements Integration

    Seamless integration with Jira user stores, tasks and other custom issue types for test coverage.

  • Defect Integration

    Submit test run results into Jira bugs and other issues types when reporting defects.

  • Real-Time Testing Stats

    View test run execution history, Jira issue coverage and more in real-time.

  • Multi-project Support

    Easily map test projects to multiple Jira projects.

  • Flexible Configuration

    Works with a variety of Jira deployments / customizations.

  • Smart & Scalable

    No field mappings required between properties – no scheduled syncs, no maintenance or overhead required.

Jira Issue and Requirement Coverage

Organize Jira Issues in qTest to Assign Test Coverage

Provide testers with a real time view into Jira issues, easily allowing them to design test cases from them and ultimately associate these back to the issues for full test traceability and coverage.

Organize JIRA issues to test with the best Jira test management solution for agile testing teams - qTest Manager

Test Jira Issues and Track Results Directly Within Jira

Keep product owners and developers up to speed on what test cases are satisfying Jira issues. With test results located within Jira issues, it’s an easy way to keep all teams unified and aware of what is occurring as the SDLC.

New Requirement Coverage Integration with qTest and Jira

Simple Jira Setup, Built for Scale

Most test management solutions leverage a “scheduled sync” rather than a real-time integration. This requires costly overhead to maintain project mappings  that can lead to update delays, poor performance, and possible data collisions.

qTest’s true, real-time integration provides no more delayed syncs so your data is always up to date — including requirements, defects and more. See how easy it is to set up qTest’s integration with Jira.

Jira Defect Integration

Instantly Log Jira Bugs From Test Run Executions

When you find defect during a test run execution, qTest’s integration with Jira will pull open a native Jira window for rapid bug submission.  From this window, testers can auto populate test runs results and submit a bug to Jira in real-time.

New Test Pad to Jira Integration for Bug Submission

Auto Populated Steps to Reproduce and Execution Results

All bugs reported in JIRA will contain the test case summary, execution result, steps to reproduce and more so development can quickly work on resolving the bug issue. The issue will contain the entire test run history status and accessible external links back to the qTest test case management platform.

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