UI Test Automation and Agile Test Case Management

Use qTest and eggPlant together for traditional, exploratory and automation testing in one central location.

The Best of Both Worlds: Test Management and Test Automation

  • Store Manual, eXploratory and eggPlant Test Automation results in qTest.

  • Configure multiple qTest projects with eggPlant Test Automation Teams

  • Kickoff eggPlant Test Scripts through qTest eggPlant Connector

  • Link Automation Results with Agile ALMs like JIRA, Rally, VersionOne

  • Easily map eggPlant test run status’ to qTest Test Management

  • Quickly scale and manage your test automation footprint

"The QASymphony integration with eggPlant is a perfect match -- it's a combination of the best in test management with the best in test automation."

— George Mackintosh, CEO of TestPlant

How It Works

Leverage the qTest eggPlant connector to execute specified eggPlant automation scripts to report back into a central test case management platform. Use the connector to push run results from eggPlant’s automation manager.

  • Automatically organize eggPlant Executions in Test Suite for quick test run coverage reports.
  • Track Automation and Manual executions side by side

Instant Test Log Analysis

Instantly know why your eggPlant tests are passing or failing through qTest reporting.

  • Store eggPlant log results in qTest for both Success and Failure status’ from run results.
  • View latest test run status and previous execution logs.

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