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  • Average salary
  • Documentation
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First, Let’s Talk About Your Team

How many testers do you have working full time? This will help round out the overall cost to you organization.

1 500

Next, Let’s Talk Money

On average, how much do you pay your testers per hour?

$5 $125

Now, Let’s Look At Where Your Team’s Hours Go

How many hours each week does each tester spend producing documentation – capturing screenshots, making notes, steps to reproduce, defect reporting, etc.

0 hrs 40 hrs

With 40 Hours Left...

On average, how many hours does each tester spend creating, editing and managing your repository of test cases?

0 hrs 40 hrs

With 40 Hours Left...

On average, how many hours does each tester spend each week on other activities, such as meetings, administrative work, etc.?

0 hrs 40 hrs

Time Left for Testing

Based on your answers, your team spends only 25% of their time testing software. With QASymphony, your testers can get more efficient managing test cases and documentation, giving them back more hours for testing.

Hours Spent Testing See How You Can Improve
40 40

QASymphony can help maximize the labor investment in your testing team.

Your results are based on {number_of_testers} testers making an average of ${tester_salary_per_hour} per hour.

*About the ROI Calculator

Using better software testing tools can help reduce the time spent doing inefficient tasks, helping maximize the company’s investment in the software testers. QASymphony recently did a survey with our customers about efficiency improvements since adopting qTest. We found the following results:

  • 64% of respondents said qTest produced time savings of at least 40% when managing test cases.
  • 60% of respondents said qTest reduced documentation time by at least 40%.

Based on the survey data, we use the 40% “time savings” metric in this ROI Calculator to show the potential for efficiency improvements. Many companies in our survey actually saw results much better than 40%. By spending less time doing tasks like documentation and managing the test case repository, teams can invest more hours in testing. This potentially will enable the testing team to test faster and more thoroughly than ever before.

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