• HPQC Limits Collaboration

    Quality Center’s Jira integration is based on scheduled syncs, meaning teams don’t have the most up-to-date information for resolving issues, which limits collaboration and can lead to slower release cycles and delayed time to market. 

  • HPQC Limits Integrations

    Research shows that more than 80% of teams rely on open source test automation tools, but Quality Center makes it difficult to integrate with tools outside the Micro Focus stack, limiting the amount of test automation coverage teams are able to achieve.

  • HPQC Limits Visibility

    Quality Center’s reporting interface is difficult to use. Creating reports is a time-consuming process that requires teams to know SQL and Visual Basic, which limits your ability to get a quick picture of release readiness.

qTest is Built for Modern Testing

  • Flexible Ecosystem

    qTest enables enterprises to integrate quality with best of breed agile planning, test automation and DevOps pipeline tools, enabling seamless collaboration across the entire software development lifecycle.

  • Real-time Jira Integration

    qTest integrates with Jira in real time using Atlassian webhooks to ensure testers and developers are always up to date. Two-way updates alert teams to project changes in real time so they can resolve issues quickly.

  • Organization-wide Visibility

    qTest offers the industry’s leading QA reporting tool, with out-of-the-box and custom reports that help you track and improve application health and quality over time and maintain a high level of visibility across the organization.