It is Time to Make the Switch

High costs, poor usability and lack of integrations are just a few reasons why leading testing teams are moving away from Quality Center. Learn more below.

We're paying too much for this

Expensive software licenses, additional database costs, maintenance fees, dedicated resources to build reports, external consultants — the cost of Quality Center really adds up fast.

I need to focus on testing, not the testing tools

Out-dated user interface, limited browser support, frequent software crashes are a drain on productivity. Plus, the learning curve for new testers can be very steep.

Doesn't support agile worfklows

Agile transforming is already a challenge. How can we truly scale agile if our testing tools don’tĀ support agile?

Doesn't play well with other testing tools

Lack of integrations with popular agile tools like JIRA, Bugzilla, JUnit, Selenium etc. – too much time wasted jumping back and forth between applications.