Meet the QASymphony Labs Team

QASymphony CTO Jonathan Alexander and Director of R&D Bobby Smith talk about the goals of QASymphony Labs and share some of the work that’s currently in-progress.

Our Latest Development

The QASymphony Labs team is busy working on an innovative new solution for Continuous Testing that will integrate with popular DevOps tools like GitHub and Jenkins. In the screenshot below you can see what it looks like.  More information coming soon.

Previous Work from QASymphony Labs


qTest Insights

qTest Insights started as a Labs project and was released to our customers in September 2016. This solution gives the testing team a self-service business intelligence tool to consolidate, manage and analyze all your test metrics. Learn more.


Automation Script Generator

qTest Explorer’s Automation Script Generator intelligent capturing engine allows testers to instantly turn a test session into an automated Selenium or Protractor test script. Learn more.

“To loosely paraphrase James T. Kirk, our mission at the Labs is to explore new technologies and to boldly go where few testers have gone before. We look forward to taking the journey together.”

— Jonathan Alexander, CTO QASymphony

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