4Qs of Devops: Understanding the DevOps Journey Through Use of a Simple Maturity Model

Quality Jam 2018 Sessions


A DevOps adoption maturity model


Understand where your company is and how to get to the next level of DevOps maturity


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In the opening keynote at Quality Jam Atlanta 2018, Brian Dawson, DevOps Evangelist at Cloudbees, reviews the organizational DevOps journey using a simplified maturity model, the 4 Quadrants of DevOps Maturity.

In this session, Brian discusses the characteristics of organizations within each quadrant and presents practical process, tools and leadership strategies for crossing the chasm from an organization’s current quadrant to the next level of maturity.

Brian Dawson is currently a DevOps evangelist and practitioner at CloudBees where he helps the open source community and CloudBees customers in the implementation of agile, continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and DevOps practices. Before CloudBees, Brian spent over 22 years as a software professional in multiple domains including QA, engineering and management. Most recently he led an agile transformation consulting practice helping organizations small and large implement CI, CD and DevOps

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