Modern Software Testing: Thinking Beyond Quality Center

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HP Quality Center was the tool of choice for organizations to manage their software testing process for decades, however, it is quickly falling out of favor with today’s savvier testers. Many major development trends have simply been overlooked such as support for the cloud, modern browser support, real time integration to the most popular development tools like JIRA, and dedicated support for common open source automation tools like selenium, appium, and others.

What’s more, HP has recently announced decreased focus on the current HP QC and HP ALM products (ALM.NET) in favor of a new offering, called HP Octane. Customers are now at a crossroads – should they continue to build up process and information around a soon-to-be orphaned product? Should they instead invest time and effort in a new platform from the same team within HP, with a public track record of favoring their own commercial offerings and long term perpetual licensing when the market has shifted to open source and SaaS solutions? Or should they explore a replacement? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn:

  • How HP Quality Center is detrimental to many core objectives of organizations today like Agile development, reducing IT costs, collaboration, and automation
  • Why many companies feel it is impossible to move away from HP Quality Center
  • Why making the shift from HP Quality Center is more than just choosing a tool, it is choosing a solution that includes services, support, and future offerings
  • The common myths most companies have for migrating off of Quality Center and onto a new tool

Download the on-demand webinar.


Kevin Dunne is the VP of Strategy and Business Development at QASymphony, ensuring their continued commitment to innovation and delivering tools to create better software. With a deep interest in the emerging trends in software development and testing, Kevin is dedicated to collaborating with thought leaders in this space. Kevin comes to QASymphony from Deloitte, where he managed testing on large government and Fortune 500 engagements.

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