Whitebox Testing for Blackbox Testers: Simplifying API Testing

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A webinar on API testing.


API testing has important business implications with wide-ranging application.


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Learn How to Get Started Simplifying API Testing

Whitebox Testing for Blackbox Testers: Simplifying API Testing Webinar

Today, development organizations are relying increasingly more on APIs to extend the value proposition of their product in order to monetize digital assets. In this session, you will discover not only how and why APIs serve as the arteries of online business, but how to best manage and test these essential assets that serve as the foundation upon which businesses are built.

DJ Frank will cover:

  • Learning the significance of APIs and how they have transformed online business through real-world examples.
  • Assimilating the idea that API testing is for everyone! Not just your software, code writing, engineers.
  • Visualizing the application and impacts of whitebox testing strategies for APIs.


DJ Frank is a senior product engineer at QASymphony, working closely with the product team to develop best in class testing software and tools while providing technical support and input throughout the sales cycle.

Coming from the High Technology, Entertainment, and Communications business unit of Capgemini, DJ lead multiple QA testing efforts for one of the largest US-based telecommunications companies.

DJ holds a Biomedical Engineering Degree from Vanderbilt University.

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