Get Out of Excel Hell

Managing test cases, testing documentation and reporting in Excel can be Hell. Download the free guide to getting out of Excel Hell for test management.

What You’ll Learn

When it comes to managing, documenting and reporting on software testing, spreadsheets tend can cause more problems than they solve. Download the “Get Out of Excel Hell” free guide and explore just what it means to be in “Excel Hell”.

  • Learn what we mean by “Excel Testing Hell”
  • Explore the trials and temptations of working with Excel
  • Learn better ways to manage test cases, documentation, reporting
  • Understand how people, processes and new tools can help your team stay free of “Excel Hell”


It’s time to get out of Test Case Excel Hell! Learn how, download the free guide.

Signs You're In Excel Hell

Lack of Centralization

Too many folders, too many documents and spreadsheets overwhelming and slowing down your testing efforts

Impossible Spreadsheet Management

You spend more time updating spreadsheets than actually testing while constantly on the hunt for data about a project

Managing Cumbersome & Overly Complex Workflows

“Click this, then click that, then check this value and update here, comment there” type test documentation

No Visibility Into the Health & Status of a Project

It’s near impossible to get a feel for a product based on a statement like “There are currently 2 high severity, 23 medium, and 4 low bugs in this build”

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If you identify with any of the points above, it’s time to break free from Excel Hell and say goodbye to spreadsheets.