Quality Center ALM Doesn't Cut It

It’s time to ditch Quality Center ALM. Download the “No More Excuses” free guide to find out what you’re missing and why you should consider qTest.

What You’ll Learn

Software development is changing and Quality Center can’t keep up. In today’s Agile world, Quality Center is slowing testing teams down. Quality Center ALM, like most legacy testing software, has major flaws. To name a few, it’s expensive, cumbersome to manage and does not fit with today’s Agile development processes. It’s time to ditch Quality Center and switch to qTest. In this guide we’ll explore:

  • The top 5 myths about switching from Quality Center ALM
  • How to save your company time and money by boosting efficiency
  • The steps necessary for migrating from HP Quality Center ALM to the qTest platform
  • Why the qTest Platform is the better solution for Agile teams


Download the free guide here

Quality Center ALM Doesn't Cut It

Hard to Use

Quality Center’s user interface was designed many years ago and really has not been updated. It’s difficult to use for the tester, creating inefficiency.

Doesn't Fit Agile Workflows

Quality Center ALM saw it’s inception in a time where waterfall workflows were standard. Time has changed and Quality Center has not.

Lack of Integration with Agile Tools

If you use popular developer tools like JIRA, Rally, VersionOne and Selenium, you’ll have a hard time integrating them with Quality Center.

Support Costs Extra

With Quality Center, support doesn’t come standard. You have to pay extra and that can be expensive if you need a lot of help along the way.

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The qTest platform is a modern testing suite designed to be used with today’s agile teams. If you’re still using Quality Center ALM, download our eBook to see what your missing.