Ask Me Anything About Test Automation: Q&A with Test Automation Experts Joe Colantonio and Paul Grizzaffi

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Answers to your questions on test automation from Joe & Paul.


Automation testing is difficult. Which is why we are turning to the experts.


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We are excited to kick off a new series called “Ask Me Anything”. On Ask Me Anything, you have the chance to ask our community of industry experts and customers any question of your choice. Our guest(s) answer the most popular and interesting questions.

Automation testing, like all development efforts, is difficult. Many projects don’t succeed. Which is why we are turning to the experts.

Joe and Paul live and breath Test Automation on a daily basis.

Join us as Joe and Paul answer your most pressing questions on test automation.

(This Q&A is for anyone thinking about or currently working with test automation.)


Joe’s mission is to help individuals and companies succeed with test automation awesomeness

Joe hopes that the work he is doing with automation can help the testing community reach their goals as well as learn from my automation wins and failures. He share what he has learned in the actual testing trenches each day.
Joe Colantonio is currently a test automation architect for a large Fortune 100 company. He is also the founder of ,, and a blog, podcast and online automation conference dedicated to helping people and organizations succeed with creating automation awesomeness.


Paul doesn’t think of automation in terms of test cases or test scripts.

He defines automation as the judicious application of technology to help humans do their jobs; in our case, the humans are testers. Using this broad definition of automation gives us a wide range of opportunities with which to provide value in our testing organizations. Taking advantage of this range allows us to think of automation as a force multiplier that helps us be more effective, efficient, etc.

Paul’s career has focused on the creation and deployment of automated test strategies, frameworks, tools, and platforms. He has created automation platforms and tool frameworks based on proprietary, open source and vendor-supplied tool chains.

Paul Grizzaffi is currently a Principal Automation Architect at Magenic. He is also an advisor to Software Test Professionals and STPCon, as well as a member of the Industry Advisory Board of the Advanced Research Center for Software Testing and Quality Assurance (STQA) at UT Dallas. He is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences.

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