Evolve or Die: Modern Testing for Healthcare Organizations

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6 trends for healthcare testing modernization


Healthcare IT testing is changing – keep pace


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Learn 6 trends key to keeping pace with Healthcare IT testing modernization


With adoption of EHR and related health IT systems at an all time high, the need for good software testing processes, people, and tools for healthcare is immediate. With all the demand for increased focus on testing and quality, hospitals are still hesitant to adopt the latest practices to match the status quo in other industries.

While there is risk in inserting new elements into the testing process, healthcare companies often overlook the opportunity cost of continuing their outdated and inefficient processes. There is a great deal of cost savings and application improvement to be had for healthcare organizations that can adopt best practices from across industries.

In this webinar, we discuss industry leading best practices around software development, with a specific focus on healthcare testing and quality assurance. The game changing topics we will cover in detail include:

  • Exploratory Testing – how can we provide higher output from our manual testers while still upholding stringent regulatory standards and controls?
  • Cloud hosted environments and software – how can we maximize?
  • EHR, EMR Interface Testing and Interoperability
  • Security, Compliance and Government Regulatory Mandates
  • Digital Health Testing – mobile, web, tele-medicine, IOT, big data and analytics
  • Evolving role of testing to focus on business/revenue assurance, and user/patient/member/provider experience

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Mike Cooper is an acknowledged global thought leader in QAT, Michael was previously the software QA and Testing evangelist for HP Software. Prior to that, he was Sr. Director for IT Quality Assurance at T-Mobile USA, where he led a group of 500+ QAT professionals. He holds an MBA from Georgia State University and a BA from the University of Florida.


Kevin Dunne is the VP of Strategy and Business Development at QASymphony, ensuring their continued commitment to innovation and delivering tools to create better software. With a deep interest in the emerging trends in software development and testing, Kevin is dedicated to collaborating with thought leaders in this space. Kevin comes to QASymphony from Deloitte, where he managed testing on large government and Fortune 500 engagements.

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