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Top considerations for leading a successful testing team


Leadership can make or break an employee’s experience and a company’s ability to attract and retain top talent


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Effective Quality Leadership – Adam Satterfield

Have you ever wanted to know how to effectively lead a group of quality professionals? Are you curious to know what it takes to become a leader? Or maybe you just want to know how to best work with your leadership to become a rock star team.

Join us as Adam Satterfield, Technology Program Director at Anthem, guides us through the challenges, pitfalls and highlights while giving real world examples you can take back with you to help you reach your quality leadership goals.


Adam Satterfield, Technology Program Director at Anthem, has been in the software testing industry for nearly 20 years. He has a wide background in industries such as military, SaaS, telecom and healthcare. Adam enjoys leading and mentoring quality assurance teams as well as teaching testers how to find their inner testing star. He is currently responsible for creating quality standards and training teams on Risk Based Testing, ATDD and Session Based Testing within Anthem.

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