Gartner Research: The Application Quality Leader's First 100 Days

We believe this research note shares valuable insights for what new application quality leaders should achieve in their first 100 days. It is within this critical period that you establish yourself and create the basic perceptions that others will associate with your subsequent plans and actions. Proper preparation, assessment, planning, acting, measuring and, above all, communicating can greatly enhance your chances of success.

By downloading this report, we believe you will learn:

  • Why the first 100 days are critical to the long-term success of quality leaders
  • An incremental approach to building your quality strategy, through first gaining understanding of weaknesses in the quality practices
  • The seven things you should accomplish in the first 100 days of application quality leadership


Gartner, “The Application Quality Leader’s First 100 Days,” Jim Scheibmeir, Thomas E. Murphy, Joachim Herschmann, May 17, 2018

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