The Biggest Challenges in Software and Technology Today

  • New Technologies

    The software technology industry is scrambling to keep up with agile development and DevOps trends, as customers continue to demand new features and functionality at a faster rate than ever before

  • Best of Breed Architecture

    Leading software shops are bringing in dozens of tools to assist with everything from requirements to build to source code repositories, driving the need for tools that are integrated and provide enhanced visibility

  • Diversification of Platforms

    Customers today are using a wide range of devices – computers, tablets, watches, phones, appliances – forcing software companies to support more environments than ever before

We’re 75% to 100% more effective than we were a year ago. It’s night and day. It’s like we were walking and now we’re driving a Ferrari.

— Adam Wollacott, QA Lead at CloudLock, a Cisco Company

QASymphony Can Help

Below are a few reasons why QASymphony is a leading provider of testing tools to the software and technology industry.

  • Ease of Use

    Whether you are an experienced software tester or new to testing, you can quickly get up-and-running with QASymphony software in as little as an hour.

  • Flexible Hosting

    Cloud and on-premise options available. Highly secure cloud hosting provided by Amazon Web Services. On-premise hosting available for both Windows and Linux.

  • Improved Efficiency

    According to a customer survey, the vast majority of qTest customers have experienced at least a 40% improvement in efficiency since switching to qTest.

  • Traceability and Visibility

    Comprehensive reporting that provides complete visibility into the test coverage around requirements, user stories, test runs and defects.

  • Less Documentation Time

    qTest eXplorer automates the tedious documentation process, saving valuable time and that can be reallocated to more thorough testing.

  • Integrations

    QASymphony software is integrated with popular agile development tools like JIRA, Jenkins, TestPlant, Selenium and many more, creating a seamless workflow across the SDLC.

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