It’s an Agile World

Enterprises are adopting Agile quickly, many with the intent of improving quality within their applications. But enterprise Agile is a continuing challenge, with tools still evolving to meet the needs of this market. As more and more teams move to Agile, the old legacy software from the behemoth technology companies is slowing testers down. How can you expect to become Agile if your waterfall testing software is slowing you down?

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Hard to use and expensive

Static interface, additional database costs, high IT costs of setup and maintenance make it uneconomical for us.

Doesn’t Fit Agile Workflows

Software testing is constantly changing. How can we become agile if our software isn’t built to support agile?

Lack of integrations

JIRA, VersionOne, Rally, Selenium etc. – we’re using these applications and frameworks today and yet they are being managed in silos because we can’t integrate with Quality Center.