The Sync Doesn't Work

  • Constant Delays

    HP's daily syncs don't provide the most up-to-date information which could lead to delays in resolving issues.

  • Costly Overhead

    Syncing data requires significant resources to maintain permissions, types, fields, values, and mappings.

  • Poor Performance

    API syncs can slow Jira down or crash the entire system.

  • Data Corruption

    Scheduled syncs can cause data collisions leading to duplicate issues and overall data corruption.

Does This Look Familiar?

When we talk with customer's about their HP ALM Jira integration, we hear the same stories of chaos, complexity, and frustration.

qTest is the Better & Simpler Way

Make the switch to the qTest Platform for best in class Jira integration for issue coverage and bug reporting.

Keep product owners and developers up to speed on what test cases are satisfying Jira issues. With test results located within Jira issues, it’s an easy way to keep all teams unified and aware of what is occurring as the SDLC.

When you find defect during a test run execution, qTest’s integration with JIRA will pull open a native JIRA window for rapid bug submission.  From this window, testers can auto populate test runs results and submit a bug to JIRA in real-time.

Use qTest Insight’s reporting engine to better analyze and track your testing progress without the hassle of a complex reporting tools.

Happy Jira + qTest Customers

See Why Vonage Made the Switch from HP

“We’re all moving to Agile and DevOps, but HP QC just hasn’t come along for the ride. It was slowing us down. If it didn’t work with Jira, it wasn’t going to work for our company.  We needed a real-time integration and complete visibility between the tester working in qTest and developer working in Jira.”

–  Jerry Loch, Director of Software Quality Assurance

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Manage Jira Issues and Test Coverage With Ease

  • Easily Manage Jira Issues

    Arrange the issues you need to test through logical structures so that you never miss test coverage.

  • Improved Issue Status

    Know right away when Jira issues are passing or failing directly inside the Jira interface without having to access an external tool.

  • Heat Map Visualization

    Analyze your Jira issue coverage through intuitive heat map visualization rather than boring and confusing Excel reports.

Watch How to Think Beyond HP Quality Center

  • Learn how HP Quality Center is detrimental to many core objectives of organizations today like Agile development, reducing IT costs, collaboration, and automation
  • Learn why many companies feel it is impossible to move away from HP Quality Center
  • Understand why making the shift from HP Quality Center is more than just choosing a tool, it is choosing a solution that includes services, support, and future offerings
  • Learn the common myths most companies have for migrating off of Quality Center and onto a new tool

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