Testers Will Rejoice

qTest Test Management is designed to get Testers out of excel hell and back to what they were hired to do — test.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Get more done, increase your efficiency and eliminate repetitive, time consuming tasks with qTest test management

  • Easily generate reports management needs vs hacking at fragile, complex excel formulas
  • Stop digging through spreadsheets and guessing what needs to be tested – qTest tells you where the coverage gaps are
  • Get back hours of your week by managing testing, documentation and execution in one, centralized place

Work Faster, Get More Done

Excel spreadsheets slow down testing and create project wide inefficiencies. These inefficiencies create bottlenecks and end up becoming a huge time suck for testers. qTest helps speed up testing and allows testers to spend more time testing than managing spreadsheets.

  • One click access to all test data – stop digging through spreadsheets
  • Speed up test execution across multiple projects
  • Eliminate highly cumbersome and overly complex “click this, then click that, then check this value and update here, comment there” type spreadsheet test documentation
  • Import and export test cases from Excel spreadsheet or other test management tools

Keep Testers Happy

Frustration, annoyance, time suck, excessively repetitive… These are all phrases that testers use when describing managing test documentation in Excel. Excel hell is making testers unhappy — keep them happy and you’ll get better results. qTest can help.

  • Re-use test plans and test cases to eliminaterepetitive tasks
  • Exploratory testing with built-in recorder and notes tool allowing testers to easily record steps and screenshots that can be added to a defect report
  • One central hub for all testing documentation and activities eliminates the need to dig through mounds of fiels and spreadsheets
  • qTest will increase job satisfaction – no more Excel Hell

Easily Import Test Cases from Excel Into qTest

Migrate and import existing test cases from Excel and legacy testing tools


Managers Can Get Back to Managing

Keep A "Pulse" On Projects

Managers need to keep a “pulse” on testing projects, but that takes a combination of reports emailed in, checking the bug reporting system, and plumbing the depths of Excel files stored in different places for different teams. qTest offers a better way:

  • View what teams are testing and the results in real-time
  • Understand your teams workload
  • Connect the dots from test plans to requirementsto defects
  • Understand why tests fail/pass, not just statuses

The Insights You Need

Increase productivity, speed up testing and get your team on the same page with actionable, real-time metrics with qTest. No more hacky, fragile and time consuming Excel reports.

  • Get different views of on a project in one place to speed things
  • Gain release health visibility across projects
  • Robust reporting generation that can visualize any type of data configuration
  • Real-time productivity, team performance, quality, status and progress all in one place.

Get More Done Across Your Team

Excel is choking productivity, causing teams to fight against it to stay productive. One of the biggest reason teams switch to qTest Test Management is to increase productivity:

  • Modern, user-friendly UI for fast navigation, drag & drop support, extensive filtering/grouping options and more
  • One centralized location where the entire team can share and collaboration on test cases
  • Real-time integrations with JIRA, Rally, VersionOne and test automation tools

Why Testers Love qTest

qTest makes every step of the test case management process simpler and more effective for individual testers and the team as a whole — from start to finish.

  • Increased Productivity

    Save time with automatic linking across requirements, test cases, results and defects.

  • Improved Collaboration

    Centralize efforts in one place and share instant notifications and comments across teams.

  • Seamless Integration

    Robust real-time integrations with your instances of JIRA, Rally and VersionOne.

  • Project Planning

    Plan and organize testing activities based on project schedules.

  • Scalability & Reliability

    Deploy qTest in the cloud or on-premise for any company size.

  • Easy Ramp-up

    Get your team up-and-running quickly with our intuitive interface and customer success team.

qTest Vs. Excel

  • Test cases can be re-used for multiple regression cycles across projects
  • Test Runs can be configured for differentPlatforms and browsers
  • Defects with screen shots/recording can becommunicated real time
  • All reviews can be directed without bulkyemail attachments
  • Automatic notifications for work/test asset allocation
  • No-fuss folder structure that syncs release scheduleswith test run executions
  • Project customization that provides fixed fieldsvalues for uniform usage
  • All activity such as status and owner changes are recorded permanently
It was a real challenge trying to manage so many test cases using a spreadsheet. We’ve improved efficiency by at least 50% since implementing qTest.

— Jesse Reynosa, Senior Quality Engineer, Zappos