The Top 9 Testing Trends We’re Anticipating in 2019

Learn about the trends that will shape the future of testing in 2019 — and how qTest is leading the charge


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The discipline of testing will continue to broaden, become more visible and grow more critical to the success of today’s leading enterprises in 2019. We’ve rounded up the top nine trends that will shape the future of software testing in 2019 and beyond.

In this webinar, you’ll hear about the changes our product experts are seeing in the market and learn how they’re likely to affect your approach to software quality and your business in 2019. You’ll also learn how qTest is shaping the future and leading innovation in test management and see a preview of key innovations slated for the 2019 qTest roadmap.

Learn about the trends that will shape the future of testing, including:

  • The growth of software quality as a cross-functional discipline
  • Increasing levels of BYO test automation and increasingly complex testing tool stacks and environments
  • Why software quality is shifting both left and right (and how the right tools make it possible)
  • What’s on the 2019 qTest roadmap to help organizations stay ahead of the trends

*If you are unable attend this webinar live, register and the recording will be sent after the webinar.

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