Rethink Your Approach to QA Reporting: The Strategies and Tools That Will Help You Tell a Better Story

Learn how to use qTest Insights to tell a better story with testing data



Business leaders expect QA teams to both deliver results and communicate them in a manner that they can understand. But how do you go beyond the basics to more effectively demonstrate the impact of QA?

Watch this webinar to learn how to get more creative with your reporting — and how you can use qTest Insights to design reports that highlight your achievements and tell a story that resonates with executives.

We’ll cover:

  • How to think more creatively about QA reporting in agile environments
  • How to select metrics and reports based on the questions you need to answer
  • How to go beyond basic reporting to convey what matters most
  • Best practices for executive-level reporting using qTest Insights
  • Upcoming enhancements to Tricentis reporting tools

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