Quality Jam London Session Recording | Product Keynote: The Roadmap and who the heck is Tricentis?

In this session, Elise Carmichael (VP, Product Strategy for qTest) and Thomas Stocker (Director of Product Management at Tricentis) reveal the latest integration plans, and Carmichael shares highlights from the 2019 qTest roadmap.


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In this session, Elise Carmichael (VP, Product Strategy) and Thomas Stocker (Director of Product Management) share details about why QASymphony and Tricentis combined forces to create an even better software testing company in 2018 and how they plan to achieve that goal. During this keynote, not only will you learn about what’s coming up this year and next for the qTest platform — you’ll also get a sneak peek at Tricentis Tosca! Carmichael also shares some of the most exciting new features on our roadmaps around AI, enterprise features, automation, and much more. We also have some exciting announcements about new products.

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