Migrate Without Migraines: Switching to a Modern Testing Platform

Don’t let the pain of migration be the thing that holds you back.


Your Desk!

Switching tools is almost always a headache, but it’s better to rip off the Band-Aid now, before your QA processes become too far removed from the modernization taking place throughout the rest of the software development lifecycle.

Join this web seminar to learn some top tips for designing an effective migration strategy that prevents QA from becoming a roadblock on your digital transformation journey. You’ll discover how to ensure a seamless integration into the modern tool stack that your development and delivery teams are likely already using.

You will learn:

  • Six steps to make migration as painless as possible for your QA and development teams
  • How a large retailer planned a successful phased migration and integrated the entire testing tool stack in the process
  • How the entire software development lifecycle—not just testers—will benefit when you integrate quality into agile processes

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