October Release Webinar: Powering DevOps Workflows with the New qTest Pulse UI

Join Ryan and Elise as they walk through new and improved qTest Pulse UI and show you how to build your first workflow!


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Orchestration. Automation. Communication.  These core tenets are required for any DevOps initiative to be a success. Sometimes we communicate a defect description correctly, yet we took too long to get the defect resolved. While we might orchestrate an automated build job, we might not be effectively communicating the results to everyone involved with product, dev, and QA.

With qTest Pulse, teams can now facilitate better and faster communication between developers and testers via event-driven notifications and integrations across ALM, version control and CI systems. 

Join qTest product experts Ryan and Elise as they provide a walkthrough of qTest Pulse’s new UI and show:

  • How Pulse can be customized to communicate test activity across different software channels in DevOps
  • How testers can integrate and set up their tests to run anywhere, and ingest results in one place
  • How developers can take advantage of common rules such a Slack notifications to stay informed on testing processes
  • How DevOps Engineers can use events via Pulse and easily connect ticket systems, test systems, trigger the next phase of a release cycle by remote triggering a ‘build tool’

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