The DevOps Revolution at Global Payments

Join us as Nick Jones shares how the Test Engineering team led the organization's first DevOps initiative.


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During this webinar, Nick Jones, Vice-President of Software Delivery Acceleration and Test Engineering at a leading payment processor, will share how the Test Engineering team led the organization’s first DevOps initiative, gaining buy-in from stakeholders across the business to modernize software development, testing and delivery practices, ultimately reducing deployment time from 14 hours to 4 minutes.

During the initiative’s early days, the team established a Center of Excellence and a grassroots Community Practice to build trust and reinforce partnerships with development, senior leadership and business stakeholders. Both initiatives have helped improve collaboration and spread new ideas, tools and methods across the business. The result is DevOps pipelines that have significantly reduced delivery timelines and improved production quality, which successfully processes and settles millions of payment transactions daily.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the test engineering teams initiated the organization’s first DevOps project
  • How establishing a Center of Excellence and Community Practice fostered a collaborative approach to transformation
  • How the Test engineering teams have significantly reduced performance issues to achieve zero critical production defects

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