A BDD Maturity Model: Processes and Tools to Level Up Your Approach

Assess your team’s BDD maturity and learn about our recommended strategies and tools for advancing your practice


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Join Ryan Yackel as he presents qTest’s BDD maturity model, which will help you assess your team’s progress on the journey to BDD maturity. Ryan will provide a framework for understanding where your team is now on the road to BDD maturity and our recommended steps for getting to the next level.

The transition to BDD often comes with significant bumps in the road, but in our experience it is well worth the effort. Teams with mature BDD practices report higher levels of collaboration across functions and also tend to be more advanced in their DevOps release processes. By shifting testing left with BDD, these teams are delivering faster without sacrificing quality.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to assess your team’s progress against five BDD maturity levels
  • How to increase levels of collaboration across functions and leverage BDD to advance your DevOps release processes
  • Tips for implementing required process changes and hitting key milestones that will get you to the next level of BDD maturity

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