Create and Submit Defects

Effective Defect reporting with minimum manual documentation of bugs

  • Ready-to-use fields to record all defect information
  • Auto-Fill test case steps into defect description
  • Submit ad hoc and test run defects
  • Link test runs to defect IDs automatically so the developers have a context
  • Import defects from Excel files
  • Custom Fields to support your own unique testing process
  • Automatic Notification emails on Defect Creation
  • Inline Defect Description Spell Check

Advanced Query and Search

Custom queries to locate and resolve defects

  • Predefined System Queries to find all defects and defects by assignee
  • Modify System Query or create a brand new one for a custom query
  • Save Custom Query as Team Query to share with Project Users
  • Customize Data Query view to show more fields in the query results
  • Intuitive Query parameters such as “Has links to requirements” etc.

Easily Manage the Defect Tracking Life Cycle

  • Simple Maintenance

    Access all your changes through history and clone, batch edit or export to excel with an easy to use interface

  • Bug Life Cycle

    Assign defects to releases to track their resolutions with a color coded status designed to grab immediate attention so you know which defects are new, closed, deferred or resolved

  • Improve Collaboration

    Subscribe to stay informed about a defect with automatic email notifications of status changes and comments to assignee, creator and subscribers

Defect Analysis

Dynamic report to analyze defects filter by a variety of criteria over different time ranges, such as statuses, priority, severity etc.

  • Drill down to custom time range from a year to a day
  • Shows the current quantity and percentage of defects grouped by the fields selected
  • View your defect data in the form of a column chart
  • Provides a data grid to examine the reported data up to the date level.
  • Export to XLS, PDF, and CVS

Creation & Resolution Accumulation

View defect creation and resolution trends

  • Filter by carious fields and values over different time ranges
  • View your defect data in the form of a column chart
  • Summarized grid shows the number of defects being grouped by their statuses, in each time period.
  • Export to XLS, PDF and CVS

Fixed Defect Verificaiton

Verify actual status of text runs associated with fixed and resolved defects

  • Generate report for one or multiple releases
  • View number of fixed defects by status
  • Data gird with resolved and closed defects with corresponding test run’s results
  • Export to XLS, PDF and CVS

Defect Summary

View the latest defect details

  • Filter by various fields and values over different time ranges
  • View data in the chart and data grid
  • Export to XLS, PDF, and CVS

Defect Analysis — Snapshot View

Report the activities recorded in a day, week, a month, a quarter or a year instead of continuously aggregated numbers

  • Report setting based on combination of three criteria: date range, field and value
  • View data in the chart and data grid
  • Export to XLS, PDF and CVS

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