Leading an Agile Transformation

Vonage is a leading provider of cloud communications services for consumers and businesses. In 2013, Vonage hired Jerry Loch as Director of Software Quality Assurance to lead the company’s agile transformation. Loch’s first project was to focus on the agile process and the software tools that the team would use.

Loch knew he needed a test case management solution to organize and centralize the test cases. At the time, his team was using HP Quality Center — and it wasn’t working well. “We’re all moving to Agile and DevOps,” said Loch, “But HP QC just hasn’t come along for the ride. It was slowing us down.”

Evaluating New Testing Tools

Loch did a thorough review of all the leading tools on the market. He had 45 specific business requirements, the most important of which was a strong integration with JIRA. “If it didn’t work with JIRA, it wasn’t going to work for our company,” said Loch. “We needed a real-time integration and complete visibility between the tester working in qTest and developer working in JIRA.”

The other key requirement was integration with Vonage’s automation tools. “Vonage is a VOIP telephony company and there’s no out-of-the-box automation solution for testing phone calls so we’ve had to build all of our automation from scratch. We needed a test management tool flexible enough to fit within this complex environment.”

QASymphony really understands the way teams develop software today. I have people who have never done testing and they’re up-and-running with qTest in an hour.”

— Jerry Loch, Director of Software Quality Assurance at Vonage

qTest met all of Vonage’s requirements. “qTest passed our evaluation with flying colors,” said Loch. “When I make a change in JIRA, I see that change in qTest a second later. That real-time sync is huge for us.”

qTest also integrates with Vonage’s highly customized automation framework through TestNG. “It doesn’t matter what kind of testing we’re doing,” said Loch. “We can talk to TestNG and it hooks into the qTest APIs. We can use that framework to spin up test suites in qTest on-the-fly. That’s a big time saver.”

Migrating Off Quality Center

Once the selection was made, Loch had to migrate thousands of test cases from HP QC over to qTest. “In my last job I had to migrate test cases from HP QC to Microsoft TFS. It was very messy and took six months,” said Loch. “With qTest, the data went in clean and came out clean. qTest made it extremely easy to get off HP QC.”

Built for Agile

Now that Loch and his team are fully up-and-running with qTest, he likes that the software is built for agile teams. “QASymphony really understands the way teams develop software today,” said Loch. “With our DevOps model, I have people who have never done testing and they are up-and-running with qTest in an hour. That ease-of-use really makes my life easier.”

Loch also leverages qTest eXplorer with his team. “I love eXplorer and I’m a huge fan of exploratory testing,” said Loch. “It’s just so easy. You start a session and start testing. If you find a bug, it gives you all the test steps so you know exactly how to recreate it. Then you can send it to JIRA on-the-fly.”

Efficiency Improvements

With qTest, Loch has seen major improvements in efficiency for his team. “It used to take us two weeks to run regression,” said Loch. “We were releasing to production every six weeks. Now with qTest, we’ve taken regression from two weeks to two days. That allows us to do a full release in two weeks.”

Service & Support

In addition to qTest, Loch loves the level of service and support QASymphony provides. “The support is unbelievable,” said Loch. “We submitted a lot of tickets in the first six months when we were getting set up. We’d usually get a response in two minutes. Now we’re more proficient so we use support less, but whenever we need it, they’re there for us. It’s a great relationship.”

About Vonage

Vonage (NYSE: VG) is a leading provider of cloud communications services for consumers and businesses. Vonage provides a robust suite of feature-rich residential and business communication solutions that offer flexibility, portability and ease-of-use across multiple devices.

Vonage’s portfolio of business products covers the full spectrum of business communications needs, serving single-person companies to those with thousands of employees spread over multiple locations. Vonage provides bring-your-own-broadband (BYOB) cloud products with carrier-grade reliability and Quality of Service (QoS) across BYOB service options and its private, national MPLS IP network. For more information visit www.vonage.com.

Vonage Holdings Corp. is headquartered in Holmdel, New Jersey. Vonage® is a registered trademark of Vonage Marketing LLC, owned by Vonage America Inc.

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