“I needed a platform that gave me the freedom to easily update my test plans and keep them structured, organized and in good working order,” says Ursula Wlodarczyk, Typecast’s first QA and UI Developer. “Most interfaces were too distractive or of poor UI quality, but qTest was uncluttered, easy to use and it followed my thinking process exactly. In two words, qTest was intuitive and clear.”

A Streamlined Structure

Before qTest, Wlodarczyk used Google Docs as project folders to manage her test plans. Growing volume and complexity made this system less feasible. “When I switched to qTest,” says Wlodarczyk, “I suddenly had separator tags, flexibility in my test plans, and the ability to cherry-pick from my rich library of test cases in just a few clicks. I could group my tests by releases and automatically update entire plans by editing single modules. Everything was connected and consistent.”

“qTest gives me the sense that I know exactly what’s going on in the project. All the detailed information is there, relevant and under my full control.”

— Ursula Wlodarczyk, QA and UI Developer at Typecast

Effortless Error Tracking

Now rooted in an integrated and intuitive system, Typecast can track errors and improve testing better than ever. Says Wlodarczyk, “Testing a release is suddenly as easy as running the test plans assigned to a particular tag. I don’t need to remember a failed step or a failed test plan because qTest marks and remembers them for me. This allows me to easily follow the development process, maintain the quality of my project, and keep my test plans and requirements up-to-date.”

About Typecast

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Typecast offers a browser-based app that takes the pain out of designing typography for the web yet without compromising website responsiveness. Its guiding principle is based on the belief that as mobile devices proliferate and as screen size shrinks, typographic decisions become even more influential on site success. The app was acquired by Monotype Imaging in 2012.

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