Healthcare providers are increasingly dependent on technology for critical systems like billing and records — forcing providers to invest in technology solutions and IT staffing. According to a BBC Research report, clinical health IT grew $1.5 billion between 2014 and 2015 — to $15.6 billion. The firm projects the U.S. market for healthcare IT will continue to grow faster than the overall U.S. economy, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.7% between now and 2019.*

The Challenges Facing Healthcare IT

Many healthcare providers have trouble managing new IT systems and getting them to work properly — which can impact patient care and revenue. “We work in a highly regulated field,” notes a software testing lead of a large healthcare provider. “Quality software is not only essential to our day-to-day operations, it’s necessary for meeting government regulations.” An effective QA process is critical to deliver healthcare software and systems that work properly.

“With qTest, we have greater confidence in the quality of the software we’re using. It’s a big part of helping us achieve our growth and efficiency goals.”

— Software Testing Lead for a Large Healthcare Provider

Managing Epic Software Applications

A large healthcare provider in the Midwest with over 8,700 employees across 8 hospitals was facing this IT challenge. The organization’s IT department was responsible for maintaining its clinical and non-clinical software applications, including EpicCare EMR, which the HealthcareProvider used for medical records management, customer billing, data management and more. The Healthcare Provider’s testing team was responsible for the quality of the Epic software. They did exhaustive testing, but the process was slow since they were managing thousands of test cases in spreadsheets shared on a corporate intranet. As a result, QA became a bottleneck that jeopardized the IT organization’s ability to quickly deliver product updates. “Our previous approach to software test management was outdated,” said the Software Testing Lead. “We needed a solution to help us move that process into the modern era and beyond.”

qTest for Healthcare IT

The Healthcare Provider decided to implement a Test Case Management Solution to improve efficiency and effectiveness. After evaluating several Test Case Management solutions, they selected QASymphony’s qTest.


Since implementing qTest, they’ve cut testing time in half — allowing them to test more defects much faster with a lower percentage of net-new defects. “With qTest, we have greater confidence in the quality of the software we’re using, says the Software Testing Leader. “They’re a big part of helping us achieve our growth and efficiency goals.”


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