“We evaluated several test management platforms, looking for one we could standardize on as a company. Nothing came close to qTest,” says Michael Mwamunga, Five Point’s Testing Director (now Senior Manager in the Performance Improvement Practice at Ernst & Young). “Reporting, tracking and traceability can be painful and tedious. With qTest it’s the opposite. It has plenty of features, and no cumbersome set-up. This made it especially useful to those of our clients who aren’t invested in an ALM tool.”

A Reusable Library of Scripts

Five Point also uses qTest to build on each client experience. “We’ve been using qTest to create a library of testing collateral and test scripts for a wide range of applications. If our client runs IBM or HP Quality Center in-house, qTest makes it possible to export our library of scripts and import them into that tool,” says Mwamunga.

“We evaluated several test management platforms… Nothing came close to qTest.”

— Michael Mwamunga, former Testing Director at Five Point Consulting, now Sr. Manager of Performance Practice at Ernst & Young

Global Collaboration

Since the consulting firm is rooted in three continents, qTest delivered best on cross-national compatibility. “We’re very much a cloud-based company, and we like the SaaS model. Since qTest is accessible from anywhere through a web browser and it has zero local footprint, it fit effortlessly into our applications model.”

About Five Point Consulting

With 250+ employees operating in North America, Australia and the Philippines, and 65 global clients, Five Point offered clients in utilities, mining, revenue management, and transportation industries a full life cycle of highly-focused enterprise consulting services from IT assessment and analysis, to implementation and post-launch support services. In 2014, it was acquired by global titan Ernst & Young for its renowned customer information systems (CIS) capabilities, its knack for deftly guiding clients through complex technology and business transformation.

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