Whiteboard Friday Video Series: Winning at DevOps with Continuous Testing

We just wrapped up our third Whiteboard Friday Video Series: Winning at DevOps with Continuous Testing. Ryan Yackel, Director of Product Marketing at QASymphony, shared 5 videos that span topics such the types of practices, ways to get started, and tools you need for DevOps success.

It’s another great video series that you can watch in its entirety below:

1) What is DevOps?


In this episode, you’ll learn about what DevOps means, what the differences are between it and a Traditional Environment, and how you can use Continuous Testing to achieve success. Read the full post.

2) Types of DevOps Practices


In this episode, you’ll go in-depth on the different types of DevOps practices: Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment.  Read the full post.

3) Continuous Testing in DevOps


In this episode, you’ll learn how proper CI with Continuous Testing enables Continuos Delivery and Continuous Deployment. Read the full post.

4) Tips to Start Continuous Testing


In this episode, you’ll learn practical tips to get started with Continuous Testing including how to structure your team and which approaches are best. Read the full post.

5) Tools for Continuous Testing


In this episode, you’ll learn about the different types of tools needed at each step of the DevOps process and the importance of closing the loop between them. Read the full post.

Hope you enjoyed the series.  You can view more QASymphony videos on youtube.  If you have any recommendations for future series let us know on Twitter at @qasymphony.

Subscribe to the Whiteboard Friday series on the QASymphony YouTube page so you won’t miss the next season.

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  1. Great post, most informative, didn’t realise devops were into this.

  2. Avatar Online Training Videos says:

    Nice Article. Thanks for sharing the great information…!

  3. Avatar Tshepo says:

    Thanks for sharing. Ryan is a good trainer

    1. Lanier Norville Lanier Norville says:

      We think so too!

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