Why Fulcrum Believes in QASymphony

Fulcrum Equity Partners and QASymphony

I am very excited to represent Fulcrum Equity Partners on the QASymphony Board of Directors. As you may have read in the press, we are the lead investor on the recent Series B. I want take a few moments to share some thoughts on why we decided to invest in QASymphony, and why we’re so excited about the future of this company.

The first thing that stood out to us was the quality of the team at QASymphony. I have known CEO Dave Keil for many years, and the talent he has recruited throughout the organization is top notch. We got to know many on his team during our diligence, and from top to bottom, there is not a seat on the bus filled with anything less than a true “A” player.

I have been watching QASymphony for several years. When they initially launched, I was intrigued by the concept of modern test management tools for software development and testing teams. Fulcrum invests in a lot of software companies so we clearly understand the importance of software quality and the need for better tools to drive efficiency in the QA process. Additionally, software testing is no longer just for software companies. Almost every business today is in the software business, giving companies like QASymphony many different industries to sell to.

We’ve also observed the transition from traditional “waterfall” development to “agile”.   This creates a nice tailwind for a company like QASymphony that has solutions purpose-built for agile development teams, giving them an advantage versus some of the legacy waterfall testing solutions on the market.

Over the last 2 years, I watched QASymphony close some very large enterprises deals with companies like Dell, Barclays, Nordstrom and Verizon. For many startups, closing enterprise deals can be a big challenge. Often times, the enterprises will not consider software solutions built by small companies. It’s the old “You don’t get fired for hiring IBM” mindset. Nevertheless, QASymphony has been very successful overcoming all the traditional enterprise objections and signing some big accounts. We expect this to continue as more and more large enterprises become aware of what QASymphony has to offer.

As I said before, Fulcrum Equity Partners is very excited to be a part of this fast growing company. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring for QASymphony.

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