Whiteboard Friday Video Series: Exploratory Testing

We recently wrapped up our first Whiteboard Friday Video Series: Exploratory Testing, where Ryan Yackel, Senior Sales Engineer at QASymphony, dug deep into exploratory testing in eight 3-5 minute videos.

It’s a fascinating video series, and I suggest you watch it (for free), as Ryan shares several great tips for making the most of exploratory testing.   

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Here are my summary observations from the video series:

1) 4 Principles of Exploratory Testing

  • Parallel testing planning, test design and test execution
  • Specific yet flexible
  • Aligned towards investigation of potential opportunities
  • Knowledge Sharing

2) What Exploratory Testing is Not

  • Not unstructured testing (you want a goal, a log of activity and a persona)
  • Not the only form of testing
  • Not throwaway work
  • Not impossible in an unregulated environment (if NASA can do it, so can you)

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3) The Qualitative & Intangible Benefits of Exploratory Testing

  • Qualitative: Time reductions, find more defects, code coverage
  • Intangible: Keeping top talent, rapid feedback, increase stakeholder testing

4) Adding Exploratory Testing to Your Testing Strategy PT 1

  • Traditional Problems in Siloed Testing
    • Unsure if problem is code code requirement
    • Bottlenecks in handoff between test and dev
    • Too much time between development and test
  • Benefits of paired testing
    • Close integration of development and test
    • Immediate feedback on new code
    • Fix problems immediately and move on
  • Exploratory Testing is something that the whole team can benefit from
    • Easy to learn
    • Benefits from multiple perspectives
    • Quick start up and scale

5) Adding Exploratory Testing to Your Testing Strategy PT 2

  • Problem #1: Even the most efficient beta testing shops rarely get feedback from more than 30% of their users.  70% provide zero feedback.
  • Problem #2: There is a segment of use cases that are either under or over tested, leaving bugs undiscovered in production

6) Breaking Down Behavioral Driven Development “BDD” PT 1

  • BDD is a technique, a way to establish collaboration between your product owner, tester and other stakeholders, rather than a siloed approach.

7) Breaking Down Behavioral Driven Development “BDD” PT 2

  • What framework will work best for your testing organization

8) Agile Testing: The Role of the Tester in an Agile SDLC

  • Tests are the voice of the customers
  • Testers add focus
  • Testers facilitate clarification of software expectations
  • Testers are always testing
  • Testers help find bugs early and fix them fast
  • Testers ensure that regression testing is a continuous process

Hope you enjoyed the series.  You can view more QASymphony videos on youtube.  If you have any recommendations for future series let us know on Twitter at @qasymphony.  

You can subscribe to the series over on the QASymphony YouTube page.

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